30 DAY REACH 537

Embracing a visual language of colour, pattern, layering and spatial tension, this piece is part of a collection that explores the deepness and complexity of intimate human relationships. Occupying a space of ambiguity, where backgrounds bleed into foregrounds and patterns break free from the confines of a set form and float off into space, the figures exist between somewhere real and imagined. Giving flesh to feeling, they are manifestations of memories, thoughts and dreams, a way to reflect on the intricacy and intensity of emotion.

Through the sharing of space – both physically and emotionally – the relationships formed become suspended in a transient moment, symbolically framed by large blocks of colour occupying the peripheries. In turn, these peripheral spaces mark a distinct border between the captured moment and everything that exists beyond it, with colour changes and spatial transformations transitioning across their margin.

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Artist member since 2018
Katrina Jurjans
Toronto, Ontario
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sleepwalking (we've been here before)
  • Abstracts
  • Drawing / Print
  • acrylic and watercolour on paper
  • 21" x 26"


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